Lost Humans (seeking survival vs seeking social acceptance)

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which ultimately makes beauty an individual perspective but what happens when the beholder is influenced by it’s surroundings and it’s world wide happenings. We begin to follow the trends, the most popular uproars, we follow what is communicated to us in mass! Does this not question our ability and perception of having a unique eye for beauty?

You may wonder what point I am trying to make but in this world there are xxx amount of people, people spend their entire life seeking acceptance among people, in order to do so they follow trends and beliefs of what will have started out as one persons belief! So let’s use the power of human flaw and lack of individuality to see if I can let you understand how I feel and what I believe.

What I believe does not delve into politics or right or wrong. It simply looks at every person in this world as human beings! People who deserve a chance to have there own individual creation of unique beauty or stepping a way from a literature metaphor people who deserve the chance to survive.

I am no superhuman nor can I claim that I do not read what is trending. Well let’s be honest in this technological phenomenon of a world we live In how can we escape it! But what is distressing to me is how easily we pick up and put down things, how easily we make a comment to contribute to the trend but have no real power to make change and affect.

Let’s go back to picking up and putting down things! We so easily pick up beliefs of others, run with them then drop them when a new story or happening comes to light! for me I can see why, ultimately it is because most people that have the luxury first of all to have a mobile phone, an internet connection or a gate pass to our technological phenomenon to contribute their beliefs are people that are not directly affected!

I am not directly affected but I am hurt I am hurt that as human beings we can so easily put down the hurt and suffering of other events that took place previously! My news feed is Gaza Gaza Gaza supporters, deflecters, opinions, contributors! But what about Syria what about other war stricken countries, in fact not even just war zones just people whose living conditions generally result in suffering! These places all have human beings like ourselves that are suffering, humans that are forgotten about because the new trend on twitter or Facebook has changed!

I do not care who is right or wrong I do not care who wins, what I care about is the pain and suffering of humans, children, babies people who probably have more of a perception of beauty than anyone of us because they have nothing!

I care that these people are suffering! Suffering not by choice! Yet they have more faith and compassion than most of us! We spend so much time seeking acceptance and gaining common ground of the nation that we seem to forget that in our quest of acceptance or to have our voices heard these people are seeking survival!

We have hundreds of channels to connect with each other, to remember things….things we consider important. But what about the forgotten humans, forgotten suffering…. What about the people who can not connect and express what seeking survival is like in comparison to us merely seeking acceptance!

To me you are a person, everyone of you are people, in every day life I pride myself on reflecting this by the way I communicate and treat people across all classes, religions and nationalities In the same way! I do not judge people by place or religion i open up my world my heart and mind, in a hope that they will not give me a reason to judge them!

I will not create a hierarchy out of suffering by dividing and ranking death rates and displacement numbers but I will say that since 1979 to present day across the board we have had nearly 3 million deaths and over 6 million people displaced! (These numbers change dependent on source so in no way am I claiming they are correct)

I am asking you treat people as
people! Human to human! Take away the reason for fighting, take away the politics and religion and imagine your self seeking survival not social acceptance!



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