Mindful nonsense or inquiring minds!

So I am having an internal argument that relates to…well what else other than the justification of my internal arguments…. Perhaps I am trying to justify my sanity (which for those that know me it is a close call) Or I am simply trying to display that self battle and over thinking may just be the beauty of an inquiring mind!

I get frustrated with my indecisiveness my lack of sureness that I have all the answers but as my mind dances through the wonders of the world and it’s happenings I am thankful that I do not know everything!

My mind goes to war with itself I am humoured and satisfied that at least I have the integrity to admit my lack of integrity!

There has only ever In my life been two people that I have ever shared these internal battles with! This is mostly due to the fact that they are my people they understand me and well they don’t really have a sanity line where I’m concerned, they accept my mind as a whole package! Crazy, curious, and sometimes inquisitively yet humorously stupid!

Now all the talk about sanity has probably got you thinking that my self battles lack intellect. Well I beg to disagree….. My battles are deep and meaningful often trying to conquer world wide issues with reason and direction but given the state of the worlds happenings ones mind sometimes has to delve Into a battle of mindless nonsense! Humorous yet in my mind still a valid argument

For example some time ago And still to this day I find myself pondering about lettuce leaves…. Do lettuce leaves have a personality based on their taste?? I mean, come on a leaf is a living organism doesn’t that make it alive, I am alive, I am judged by words, actions and branded with a personality…. If a lettuce leaf you know has that poignant, soily bitter taste do you think that results in them being a bad living organism (like maybe a criminal) or simply just a living thing that in the world of leaves is a mean leaf!

Sooooooo you tell me are my self battles that are not directly world affecting when said out loud sending me double hurdling and nose diving over the sanity line or do I simply have an inquiring mind?


2 thoughts on “Mindful nonsense or inquiring minds!

  1. Hey charlie! To answer your question, you probably just have an inquiring mind. It sounds like you are in a wrestling match with your mind and you will definitely win πŸ™‚ Don’t question your sanity though, if your mind is filled with thoughts that make you want to learn – gain new perspectives from other people (such as bloggers) that is a good thing. You won’t see things how other people so by listening or reading their perspectives, you get to see it through their eyes.
    By the way I found your blog through your comment on the ‘community pool’.
    Keep up the writing and thinking, without the insanity πŸ™‚



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