Passion vs Success

Have you ever been unsure of what you want but in the same light so sure of what you don’t want?

I took a step back from the industry that is my passion! My soul I call it! Because after all we spend more hours working than anything else it is important to feed the soul for more hours than you starve it!

Why did I take a step back from something I love you may ask? I wanted to know that my direction was correct, I wanted to expose myself to something alternative! I wanted to know nothing at all to empower my weaknesses.

Today I interviewed for a company, it is my industry! I walked in with confidence and pride! I have never feared interviews because I see them as two people assessing each other rather than them assessing just me! They may have something I want but actually I have more to assess, them personally and the company itself!

I walked away from my interview disappointed! Not in myself but in the company and my interviewers perspective!

Yes this man has a business and yes he has built something but to me he has lost the beauty and passion of the industry, he has forgotten what drives it! Maybe just maybe that is why he has become successful but is success without passion really worth it!

After pleasantries and being told how suited I am, I asked him if we are in the same interview! Bold you may say, honest Is how I would word it!

An industry that is beautiful, artistic but based on the development of relationships to bring value and solution and not once did he engage with me as a person (I gave him many opportunities too) his questions were flat! “How much business can you bring and when”

While I respect these are important questions, my view is people who understand people and see there qualities would have a key indicator of what someone could bring!

Then I raise question to myself am I being soft was I a little afraid that I couldn’t give a definite answer because I have been out of the industry for over a year!

No I’m not afraid, I know I can deliver…but would I deliver under the guidance of a finance and statistically focused tyrant that seems to have lost passion for what got him there? No is my straight answer!

Has this year been beneficial to my career…. Not really! Has it developed a sense in me that I wasn’t even aware I had! Totally!



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